A mouth swab drug test

We carry out mouth swab drug tests to detect any prescription drugs in your body. It detects the presence of any medications and uses a sample of your saliva or oral fluids to give the results. A mouth swab drug test is also called a cheek swab drug test or saliva drug test. Professionals perform mouth swab drug tests by swiping the inside of your cheek or your tongue with a long Q-tip and a sponge-like material at the end. The whole process of mouth swab testing gets done within a few minutes and with ease. 

A mouth swab drug test offers the following advantages:

Delivers efficient results at low cost:

You can achieve accurate test results with minimal discomfort and other risks. It has an accuracy level of 97%, and one cannot manipulate the samples. The mouth swab testing is low in cost and does not requires a separate room for testing. 

Mouth swab drug test shows immediate results:

It is due to the characteristics of the saliva test that it shows immediate results. It takes less than 5 minutes and does not require any complicated logistics. 

According to research mouth swab drug test is not a private test: 

It is not uncomfortable for the donor or the person administering the test. The donor does not require any gender-specific observer while giving the samples. A mouth swab drug test can get performed anywhere and through any professional. 

A mouth swab drug test
Mouth Swab Drug Test


Mid- Atlantic Drug Testing providing with safe drug testing services!

Mid-Atlantic Drug Testing offers 35000 testing centers for customers’ convenience. A mouth swab drug test usually gets conducted in workplaces or places with strict policies. To maintain discipline in schools and colleges, we carry out mouth swab drug tests. Consumption of drugs and its influence on children harms behavior, learning, and mental health. 

We carry out mouth swab testing to ensure that in workplaces and schools, and universities, bringing drugs or consuming them is not acceptable. Well-reputed companies usually carry out mouth swab testing and make it a part of their routine checkup to ensure everybody follows the policies. For industries that deal with transportation services, national safety tests their employees regularly. The drivers of transportation companies are not allowed to drive if they consume drugs. Similar is the case with athletes. Sporting authorities have banned drugs because it might give the athlete an unfair advantage in the form of artificial energy. It might also risk their health. 


A mouth swab drug test can detect several drugs. To test the drugs, the professionals rub a standard cotton swab inside the cheek to collect the biological material. The testing time range is really short than other methods and complicated in some cases. When individuals attempt to drink a lot of water or chewing gum, such products interfere with the state of saliva and might deliver inaccurate results. We suggest that the individuals maintain an empty mouth prior to mouth swab testing.   A person should not drive a car, operate heavy machinery or take part in sports due to the consumption of such drugs. 

Some of the most known drugs which get detected through mouth swab testing are the following:


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It is a popular drug among individuals of different age groups, income levels, and belonging to other social classes. It remains in the body for about 48 hours and cannot get tested after 72 hours. Cocaine is the most used illicit drug among teenagers, which affects the body’s central nervous system. Cocaine disrupts the mechanism of the body and causes several diseases. When you combine cocaine ad mix it with heroin, it becomes ”speedball”. Consuming cocaine results in insomnia, high anxiety, vomiting, loss of appetite, constricted blood vessels, and blurred vision.


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Alcohol can get detected through mouth swab drug tests within 6 to 12 hours. Alcohol is among the most used drugs and impacts public health. The harm while consuming alcohol may be physical, mental, or social. Once the body metabolizes the ethanol, the chances of detection of alcohol get less.


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When a person consumes marijuana, he feels elated and feels himself in a relaxed state. One can experience a higher chance of having road accidents and may risk acute memory loss. 


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With its long-term usage, changes in the brain might occur. The person experiences mood changes, decreased appetite, general discomfort, insomnia, and restlessness. The time limit for which the drug stays in the body varies. It can get detected through mouth swab testing within 24 to 36 hours in saliva. 


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It increases alertness and self-confidence and decreases the appetite. It could also use as a performance-enhancing drug. Mouth swab testing for amphetamine gets done by extracting it from the saliva and depositing it into a tube. 


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A mouth swab drug test for Methamphetamine can get detected after 10 minutes of consumption. It is identifiable for up to four days and can also get detected through blood or urine tests. Methamphetamine causes euphoric effects and can get ingested easily. 


Usually, the period for a mouth swab drug test is 5-48 hours. One cannot give the exact detection period because of several factors. Such factors include the usage of the drugs and the quantity of the consumed drug. It also comprises of frequency by which an individual gets tested, sensitivity, and the person’s metabolism. If you have on-site drug testing kits and devices, results can get delivered within a few minutes. Mouth swab drug testing may undergo lab-based confirmation testing and then a review process which requires 2-4 additional days. 


A mouth swab drug test can detect marijuana in your system 24 hours after consumption. Opiates can get detected through a mouth swab drug test within 24 to 36 hours. Marijuana alters an individual’s senses, mood changes, and impaired memory. It can further lead to delusions and hallucinations. Opiates make the individual think he gets elated and produces several unwanted side effects. It produces confusion, nausea, overdose, and slowed breathing. 

Methamphetamine can get detected using a mouth swab drug test after consumption within 10 minutes. Amphetamine can get detected through mouth swab testing depending on the body’s metabolism. It produces results according to body mass, age factor, and other factors related to the person’s health. The symptoms of over-dose of amphetamine include fast breathing, fever, fast or irregular heartbeat, and uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body. Cocaine remains in the body for about 48 hours.


Firms carry out mouth swab drug tests to make random checks on their employees and maintain their company’s sensitive environment. To rank among the top companies globally, one must implement such policies to keep a check on its employees. A mouth swab drug test is effective since it proves to be legally and scientifically correct. The lab instruments and efficient kits ensure accurate results to detect the parent drug and the metabolite in oral fluid. 

Mouth swab testing includes MDMA and its metabolite.  It also includes Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, and Cocaine to detect. Mouth swab testing gets tested for certain circumstances. It consists of reasonable suspicion, post-accident testing, pre-employment, and for sports athletes. Sports athletes use it before playing a match. You may call them performance-enhancing drugs or image-enhancing drugs, but we have still banned them in sports because of their unfair advantages. We believe drugs give a bad reputation to the sports athletes and undermine values like fair play and teamwork. Following are the drugs which enhance sporting performances:

Illegal drugs:

It comprises cocaine, MDMA, narcotics, amphetamine, and marijuana. People consume drugs, although the supply of drugs is illegal in the street markets. We are experiencing drug overdose deaths and increasing drug dealers and traffickers in demand. 

Illicit drugs:

Initially, the drug dealers used to conceal it as heroin but then made it look like a prescription medication. You can find illicit drugs in legal medicines or on the black market. Illegal drugs include steroids, peptides, and hormones. Steroids are artificial drugs consumed for muscle-building effects and mimic the male sex hormone. It also has important medical applications and treats severe medical conditions. It treats the following medical conditions:

  • Hormonal imbalance in men
  • Breast cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight loss in individuals
  • Muscle loss or specific types of anemia

There are over 150 types of Anabolic steroids, but only a fraction of them gets approved for medical use. Steroids and other illicit drugs get addictive because of an individual’s obsessive-compulsive behavior. They keep using steroids to get an ideal body structure. Once you start consuming these steroids, you experience mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, and depression.  

Legal drugs:

It comprises asthma medication, insulin, pseudoephedrine, and some dietary supplements. They work to ease pain symptoms and treat health conditions. The ones who consume drugs daily and get addicted can get offered therapies to alter their drug use. We must raise awareness to empower individuals to avoid the overdose on drugs.


The mouth swab drug test has a shorter time range than other drug test methods. So, several drugs become undetectable in the saliva after getting consumed. The individual who gets tested needs to wait for a few days for accurate results. The result of the mouth swab testing is either ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’ about the presence of drugs in the donor’s system. 

The following factors affect the detection time of a drug in any individual:

  • Quantity of the consumed drug
  • Frequency of the individual who uses drugs 
  • The time between collection and test


If you refuse to take a workplace drug test, you might get fired from your job. The only reason for companies to carry out drug tests is to ensure that their employees are free from using illegal drugs and other substance abuse. Consumption of such drugs impacts the employee’s productivity and creates problems. The clients might object to such behavior of the workers and pose a threat to drug abuse problems. Employers also offer help to employees addicted to drugs by rehabilitating them. 


We ensure to deliver accurate results by using efficient testing kits!

One of the goals of establishment owners is to maintain drug-free workplaces. A drug-free workplace implements all the laws, and the company gets accountable for the employee’s actions by the government. A mouth swab drug test helps formulate a clean, professional, and ethical business name and recognition.  We believe a healthy and productive work environment will enhance the performance of the employees. Along with the productivity, it would boost targets and would affect several things. It would impact the team morale, collaboration, and safety of the other employees. Alcohol and drugs produce a higher risk of danger to the protection of their employees. 


Ecstasy and cocaine can get detected through a mouth swab drug test for up to two days. We can also detect Morphine for up to three days and Methadone for about ten days. Timing matters a lot while testing drugs, and it is also essential to be aware of the drug test laws. So, to ensure compliance, give them a read.

No discrimination during mouth swab testing:

No matter what age, color, race, and religion the individual belongs to, you cannot implement unfair drug testing policies. The drug testing must get performed fairly and consistently. The Board of Directors must put a screening policy to consider federal and local laws. The candidates must get treated the same way, and the companies must avoid any sort of biasedness. 

Background check results:

To provide the employer with a background check disclosure and authorization forms. All forms must get submitted before conducting the screening. Once the individual uses a third-party screener to perform the drug test, the employee gets provided with the background check results. 

State laws:

State laws have some limitations for pre-employment drug testing. Mouth swab testing is painless and delivers the result in a few minutes. The lab testing turn around times are 2-3 days. The mouth swab drug test gets done at a low cost and has a short and immediate detection period. 

A well-reputed lab will consider factors like the time between collection and test, frequency of consuming the drugs, and quantity of the consumed drug. By considering these factors, the lab will produce and approve results. 


You can call us at (908) – 963-1281. You can also email Mid- Atlantic Drug Testing at for more mouth swab drug testing information. One can use mouth swab testing in workplaces and rehabilitation centers to detect drugs. And the best part about using mouth swab drug testing is that it is low-cost. It has now become a necessity to reduce the ever-growing lethality of drugs. We are currently in crisis because our young generation has got addicted to drugs and other harmful substances. To implement strict policies in institutions or companies, it requires cooperation and coordination across all levels. A mouth swab drug test filters out the individuals who get involved in overdoses of drugs and protects the other employees. 


Our goal is to play an essential role in improving, implementing, and studying good practices for drug content testing. Our government and other institutions took necessary measures in the past to control the demand for drugs but somehow failed. They increased the prices of illegal drugs to reduce the market, but the prevention programs could not produce efficient results. The motive was always to demote the consumption of drugs. We discouraged it by raising prices or transitioning users to drug treatment programs.  


If one cannot give samples for his drug testing or mouth swab testing, there is a facility for mobile drug testing. We will document why a test was not completed or investigate minor things through mobile drug testing. We have made mouth swab testing compulsory for employees because they get to experience lower productivity. We have observed increased absenteeism and demands for increased medical costs. To investigate all such demands of the employees, we conduct mouth swab testing. We promote individuals and the employees of our companies to limit the use of drugs and get into rehabilitation. We usually perform screen mouth swabs through enzymes and other specific methods. The methods include chromatography and mass spectrometry. 

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