The DOT, department of transportation suggests that all safety-sensitive personnel must be enrolled in a random pool for the following selections: 

  • At the very least, this is done every quarter; this means that you will be tested approximately 4 times a year every quarter to ensure everyone’s safety around you. Now, this may seem a little vigorous to many, but it is all indeed for the safety of every other individual around us. \


  • A confidential random selection technology for valid computer selection, which means that your identity is safe with us. We care for your privacy and understand the accessibility to enjoy freedom of all types. Indulging in addictions however is not just harmful to you, but to everyone else around you as well. 


Mid Atlantic has a particular manner of drug and alcohol testing which creates random pools for each agency to meet with the DOT. Alcohol tests are designed according to the employment frequency rules. We construct a private business pool to update your personnel roster for a better understanding. Our experienced Program Administrator will work directly with you to provide the added support which is all backed up by professional knowledge. 


Each DOT operating agency has its own set of rules for alcohol and drug testing followed by its standards. Our blood test for drugs and alcohol is the greatest alternative for large and small businesses and organizations who want to conduct a peaceful screening without having to worry about anything. Taking employees out of the field for extended periods on their payroll days is not a smart approach with a short turnaround time. Our administrators are ready to assist you with any concerns regarding blood drug tests and alcohol. They specialize in dealing with firms that come under each operational agency which are mentioned as down below.

These DOT agencies are doing significantly remarkable work in the industry with professional hands-on expertise and knowledge.

  • – FMCSA Drug Testing
  • – FAA Drug Testing
  • – FTA Drug Testing
  • – FRA Drug Testing
  • – USCG Drug Testing
  • – PHMSA Drug Testing



Your star employees should be mentally, physically, and spiritually fit which is an instance only approachable if you keep a subtle check. There is no doubt that alcohol after 21 is permitted in the United States, but do you want your staff drinking before or during work? Breath testing for alcohol is a quick and easy way to see if an individual is under the influence while on the job. You are free to choose whatever suits you, but some professional rules have to be kept under consideration. Not only does this guarantee a safe space for you, but all the rest of your staff encourage a safe and healthy environment. Breath alcohol testing on employees is the right of every company to ensure the credibility of their workplace. 


    A tried-and-true approach to preventing workplace alcohol abuse, random testing allows the employer to test an employee at any time. This is a fast and effective method to overview the reliability of your employees.


if you detect alcohol on your employee’s breath or if their behavior suggests they may be inebriated, it’s probably time to conduct a test. This is not something unethical because workplace rules are defined by the company making it all completely reasonable to conduct a suspicion-based test. 


After a car accident, it’s a good idea to rule out drug or alcohol usage possibilities. It is the legal responsibility of every citizen to drive safely and take care of every driver and passenger and driver on the way. Accident tests assure the credibility of the whole crime scene and the ones affected by it. 

If a police officer suspects a driver is under the influence of alcohol they may be charged and checked thoroughly because it is a civil offense. As a responsible citizen, it is your responsibility to follow the code of conduct and civil liability to ensure your safety along with everyone around you. 

Workplace alcohol testing is required for all the companies that comply with the DOT policy. It is also strongly encouraged for other companies to improve safety and lower workers’ compensation claims with alcohol and drug testing days to keep a clean record. When alcohol testing is necessary, DOT employers should refer to their workplace drug testing policy. A good policy consists of all the aspects, procedures, and standards for alcohol testing.

The department of transportation complies with a certain set of rules which requires a follow-up according to circumstances. The DOT requires alcohol testing in the following situations:

  • Post-Accident (Accident defined by the DOT)
  • Reasonable Suspicion of Alcohol Use
  • Return to Duty (Before & After Returning to Work- Post Alcohol Violation)
  • Random- FAA, FMCSA, FTA & FRA

Now, it is not necessary for you to be under the influence to go through the test. It is a simple precautionary method however if you are suspected of driving while inebriated by the police, you will be requested to take a BAC test, either by breath (on the spot test) or by blood. Resistance will only get you in furthermore trouble because it is indeed a procedure same for everyone. 

The amount of alcohol in the blood is measured by the blood alcohol content (BAC) however; a BAC of .02 or above is considered a positive result by the DOT. If two or more alcoholic beverages are drunk within an hour of testing, a positive BAC of.02 or above is recorded on average. If alcohol is ingested within 24 hours of the alcohol test, an ABAC of .000 will be achieved. The United States Congress has mandated that all transportation workers have to take lab tests for alcohol testing programs to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Mid-Atlantic Drug Testing is your one-stop destination for on-site drug testing and reporting for pre-employment, random screening, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident situations.

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