You might have this running question about TPA Services and its other generalized queries. The primary motive for most minds is a rising question that says, ‘What is a TPA?’ TPA stands for third-party administrator services; you get to receive operational services and employee benefits from the management under contract to other companies. 

This brings us to its benefits and advantages, which are no less than a breeze of fresh air. The stats show that health insurance companies often outsource their claims. It means that the job of a TPA service provider is to ensure the growing power around the day-to-day operational services. This brings us to the point that these third-party administrator services indeed play an essential role in the health insurance commercial liability and investment industry. 

Three critical terms in the drug and alcohol testing industry are TPA, C/TPA, and Service Agents. A TPA, on the other hand, can take care of all the details of substance abuse or general occupational health programs, allowing you to focus on what you do best. TPA services are undoubtedly a vastly growing sector that has grown by a massive 5.1% per year since 2015, with the industry thriving on high competition and claim. 

Why choose Third Party Administrator Services?

So, in the drug and alcohol testing sector, what is a TPA or Third Party Administrator? To put it simply, a TPA is an organization that provides direct and administrative services to assist an employer or other organization in managing a drug and alcohol testing program or a complete drug-free workplace program. This means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of discouraging or upsetting your employees for organizational security. It is a vital call to deal with reoccurring problems and might need multiple fixations. 


Why should you consider Mid Atlantic for all these TPA services? We’re known as the Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA), who keeps track of the essential testing records. C/TPA assists in implementing the DOT/FMCSA drug and alcohol testing rules and regulations as a service agency. We are the one-stop solution to all your worries about keeping an intelligent pace in the organization. You must keep track of your employees and their progress in clean and balanced record tracking. 


C/TPA Services

A TPA decides which services to provide clients; some TPAs offer all services, while others only offer a few. Mid-Atlantic Drug Testing is precise and direct with the services we give, and we take great pleasure in the accuracy of our results and the high level of customer care we deliver. As your TPA services provider, we can offer your business an extensive set of Third-Party Drug Testing Administration services and resources. 


Mid Atlantic is known for its extensive support in the industry with significant benefits in terms of accessibility and expertise. Our aim is simple, to cater through TPA in the best possible manner. A lot can be said about us, but here are some of the facts that make us different and reliable.


  • Access to over 35,000 testing locations across the US


  • Expertise with federal and state regulations


  • Full Compliance with DOT regulations without the hassle of unsaid documentation


  • Non-regulated testing in adherence to all applicable federal and state regulations implied with consideration


  • Comprehensive consultation on testing options to verify the problems and give the right go ahead


  • Detailed protocols and instructions were given to all testing locations.


  • Client staff training to maintain a healthy environment on both ends


  • Client online scheduling to make things easier to process and make co-ordination easy


  • Real-time updates on test schedules and results for better approach on all ends


  • Proactive interaction with your Medical Review Officer (MRO) and testing location to ensure tests are reported in a timely fashion.


  • Online access to Test Results with real-time status updates, pool run history, and underlying test documents such as CCFs.


What are the benefits of using Third-Party Administrator Service?

Leave out the hassle of going through the useless roaming around searching for credibility when you have the support of Mid Atlantic. There are endless benefits to using Third Party Administrator services, which include:

  • We can handle all aspects of substance abuse or general occupational health programs, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. This way, your employees will also be aware that your organization has a healthy and sustainable environment. 


  • We will serve as a go-between for the testing lab and the employers. Our main goal is to ensure that our services are completed without any errors and that our company complies with federal and state regulations by keeping track of all required testing to keep you out of any trouble.


  • Complying with the DOT gives the organization a credible edge in the market, making its name count without the trouble of being bounced. You also save time by connecting with TPA services that do all the hard work.


  • Occupational health services go hand in hand with logistics and regulations, mainly if you work in a federally regulated industry like transportation. Saving time and money is the most important aspect, where we help the companies maintain their image without any extra trouble. 


  • Consolidation of bills is one of the most valuable services a TPA can provide. We will pay the invoices and send a single account to the employer rather than managing invoices from multiple providers for multiple services.


  • Employers might benefit from a TPA since it simplifies the process. TPAs have a network of occupational health providers to which your employees can be referred. You get to manage in a coordinated way, but you also keep track of all employees in one safe space.


  • TPAs also keep track of all required testing and screening records, so you don’t have to. If an employer has a problem with an employee’s performance, they can always connect with us for important information on performance-based studies. 


Mid-Atlantic Drug Testing is your one-stop destination for on-site drug testing and reporting for pre-employment, random screening, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident situations.

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