Scope of services

This Agreement governs your access to and use of the Account Service. Other sites and services that we provide may be subject to separate terms and conditions of use. Mid Atlantic health tests and services, data analysis, employer health management solutions, bill viewing and payment, and the capacity to interact with other parties are among the content, goods, and services offered by Account Services. Product and service features and specifications listed or shown on the Account Service are subject to change at any moment without notice. You shall not use the Account Service in a way that is in violation of I this Agreement or all applicable laws and regulations.

There is no medical advice

Medical advice is not provided by the Account Service. Any content obtained via the Account Service is provided solely for educational purposes and is not intended to cover all possible uses, instructions, precautions, medication interactions, or bad effects. This information should not be utilized in an emergency or for diagnosing or treating any medical condition. If You have any questions regarding a medical condition, or before taking any medicine, changing Your diet, or starting or stopping any therapy, please see your doctor or another trained health care practitioner.

Your Account and Mid Atlantic Drug Testings Account Service Usage

When you register to use the Account Service, you must submit accurate and full registration information. You must provide Us with true, accurate, and full e-mail addresses, contact information, and other account-related information, as well as maintain and update this information as needed.

You are entirely responsible for any actions that occur under Your password or account, as well as for maintaining the confidentiality and security of Your password and account.

You undertake to (a) promptly notify Mid Atlantic Drug Testings of any unauthorized use of Your password or account or any other security breach, and (b) log out of your account after each session. Mid Atlantic Drug Testings is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by your failure to follow these terms and conditions.

Regarding Your user name and password, the following behaviors are explicitly prohibited:

Sharing, revealing, allowing access to, or otherwise enabling the use of Your user name and password by anyone else; Using the user name and password to cache the Account Service in a way that makes it available to those who haven't registered with Mid Atlantic Drug Testing.


Using the user name and password to grant access to the Account Service to numerous people over a local or wide area network.

If you forget your user name or password, the Account Service will send your user name or temporary password to an email address you give. You accept that people who use the same email address as you will be able to access Your account information, but only if they answer Your security questions correctly.

All relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances, including any restrictions prohibiting the export of data or software, must be followed when using the Account Service and any content accessible through the Account Service.

To register and use the Account Service, you must be at least 18 years old, or the legal guardian of someone under the age of 18 whose data is accessible through the Account Service. You may not interfere with or interrupt the Mid Atlantic Drug Testings Account Service's normal operation.

You realize that if you use Mid Atlantic Drug Testings' mobile services to enter and store your personal information, You are responsible for keeping your mobile device safe and secure. You acknowledge that if you leave Your mobile device unattended, or if it is lost or stolen, others may have access to Your personal information.

Use of information

If you use the Mid Atlantic Drug Testings Account Service to produce, send, or display information, you may only supply information that you own or have permission to use. Mid Atlantic Drug Testings will only use the information You supply following the Online Privacy Policy and the law. The goal of Our Online Privacy Policy is to explain what information we gather online, how we safeguard it, and what options you have about how that information is used. Furthermore, when Mid Atlantic Drug Testings is working as a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), such as when performing diagnostic testing services, our Notice of Privacy Practices applies.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Mid Atlantic Drug Testings owns the Account Service. We offer You a nonexclusive, limited, and revocable license to access and use the Account Service for Your purposes solely for the length of this Agreement, as long as You comply with the conditions of this Agreement. Without Our prior written agreement, you agree not to use the Account Service for any other purpose, including commercial purposes, such as co-branding, framing, linking, or reselling any component of the Account Service.

All items accessible through the Account Service may be viewed, downloaded, or printed for non-commercial purposes only, and only to the extent permitted by this Agreement. Without Mid Atlantic Drug Testings' specific written consent, no further use of this content is permitted. Any unlawful use of the Account Service's words or pictures may be a violation of copyright laws, trademark laws, privacy and publicity laws, as well as civil and criminal offenses.

The Account Services comprise a material that is derived in whole or in part from copyrighted sources, including the Account Service's format and structure. Mid Atlantic Drug Testings or, in the case of licensed materials, the content producers hold the copyrights.

Without Mid Atlantic Drug Testings' express written permission, none of the names, trademarks, service marks, or logos displayed on the Account Service may be used in any advertising or publicity, or otherwise to suggest Mid Atlantic Drug Testings' sponsorship of or association with any product or service.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

This Agreement may be amended by Mid Atlantic Drug Testings at any moment and from time to time. Any modifications to this Agreement will take effect as soon as the new terms and conditions are posted on the Account Service. You agree to check these terms and conditions regularly, and your continued use of the Account Service following any such modification signifies your agreement to follow and be bound by the updated Agreement.

Services and Content The Mid Atlantic Drug Testings Account Service allows you to access this information.

The Account Service may contain content that You find objectionable, such as sexually explicit health-related materials. You can opt to enable a third-party service provider (such as a Personal Health Record or PHR) to obtain, provide, amend, or otherwise utilize health and other information in Your account, or share Your information with the service provider in some other way. If You provide a third-party service provider access to Your account, the service provider may continue to have access to Your account until You explicitly disable it.

Both health care providers and other entities are examples of third-party service providers. You solely must verify and authorize any such third-party service before sharing or otherwise accessing Your information through it. You are using these services and relying on this content at your own risk. Mid Atlantic Drug Testings cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from or in connection with your use of third-party services or content.

Hypertext Links to Other Websites

The Account Service may include hypertext connections to third-party-owned websites as well as third-party-owned material (e.g., articles, data feeds, abstracts, etc.). As a favor to our users, we provide third-party material and links. We have no control over any third-party websites or content mentioned, accessed, or available through the Account Service, and we do not support, sponsor, recommend, or otherwise take responsibility for such third-party websites or material, or its availability.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The account services are provided “as is” and “as available,” without any express or implied warranty of any kind with regards to the information, services, and materials contained on the account services, Mid Atlantic Drug Testings, and its suppliers disclaim all express and implied warranties, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The account services are used at your own risk. Account service access may be interrupted, and information, services, and materials may not be error-free. None of Mid Atlantic Drug Testings, its suppliers, or anyone else involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the account service or the information, services, or materials contained therein assumes any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, services, or materials provided on the account services; they also shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages.


You agree to hold Mid Atlantic Drug Testings and its suppliers, as well as their respective affiliates, employees, officers, directors, agents, servants, and representatives, harmless from any liability, loss, claim, suit, damage, or expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) arising out of your violation of this Agreement and your use of the Account Service.

Applicable laws

This Agreement, as and settlement of any issues arising out of it will be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey. Any dispute between Mid Atlantic Drug Testings and You arising out of or in connection with this Agreement will be handled solely by the state and federal courts of New Jersey.

The Account Service is only available to residents of the United States. Mid Atlantic Drug Testings makes no assurance that content obtained via the Account Service is suitable or accessible for use in other countries, and accessing it from jurisdictions where its content is banned. Those who want to use the Account Service from other areas do so at their own risk and are responsible for adhering to all applicable laws.

Modification in account services

Mid Atlantic Drug Testings maintains the right to terminate accounts for any reason it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, a determination that Your conduct or behavior violates the terms of this agreement. If your use of the Account Service is illegal or damaging to Mid Atlantic Drug Testings' or other users' interests. Mid Atlantic Drug Testings may also limit, alter, suspend, or terminate the Account Service in general, as well as suspend or terminate Your use of the Account Service if You breach this Agreement. Your information, files, and other previously accessible content may be deleted as of a result of the suspension or termination.

Legal Terms in General

If you have not executed a separate written agreement with Mid Atlantic Drug Testing about the Mid Atlantic Drug Testing Account Service, this agreement replaces all earlier agreements between You and Mid Atlantic Drug Testing about the Mid Atlantic Drug Testing Account Service. If this Agreement and a documented written agreement between You and Mid Atlantic Drug Testing regarding the Mid Atlantic Account Service disagree, this Agreement shall take precedence.

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