Third Party Administrator (TPA)

What are the benefits of using a TPA?

A TPA can help manage all the logistics of a substance abuse or general occupational health program so you can focus on what you do best.

A TPA would manage your Drug and Alcohol testing program. They work as the liaison between the employers (you) and the testing lab. They maintain required testing records, check that services are completed without any issues (or fix the issues if there are any), and ensure that the company is compliant with federal and state regulations.

There are a lot of logistics and regulations involved with occupational health services, especially if you’re in a federally regulated industry like transportation. Outsourcing those responsibilities to a TPA can save you time and money.
One of the greatest benefits a TPA can provide is the consolidation of bills. Rather than managing invoices from multiple providers for multiple services, the TPA pays the invoices and sends a single bill to the employer.

A TPA can make the whole process easier for employers. TPA’s have a network of occupational health providers that they can plug your employees into. TPA’s also hold and maintain required testing and screening records so you don’t have to worry about managing the paperwork. If an employer encounters an issue with an employee’s services, a TPA can run interference to get the matter resolved quickly.
As your TPA we can offer an extensive set of Third-Party Drug Testing Administration services and resources for your business.

  • Access to over 35,000 testing locations across the US

  • Expertise with federal and state regulations

  • Full Compliance with DOT regulations

  • Non-regulated testing in adherence of all applicable federal and state regulations

  • Comprehensive consultation on testing options

  • Detailed protocols and instructions given to all testing locations

  • Client staff training

  • Client online scheduling

  • Real time updates on test schedules and results

  • Proactive interaction with your Medical Review Officer (MRO) and testing location to ensure tests are reported in a timely fashion

  • On line access to Test Results with real time status updates, pool run history and underlying test documents such as CCFs etc.

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